Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"WHOOT!" "RUBGA!" and "YeeHaawww!"

Every blog starts with its first post.. where we tell you what we're all about.. or apologize for typing drunk.. or whatever. This is that post! (Here's a picture from a pirate party at the club, I think pictures are where it's at!)

Anyway, since I'm not drunk (atm) I think I should tell you this is gonna be a weekly guide to what's happening, what happened, and what not at Jake's Dance Club and occasionally other stuff as it seems appropriate (read as: I wanna talk about it).

Lucky you!

So, stop in and read about it all here.. and if you want.. check out the links off of here to other cool stuff as it comes along (like maybe a club calendar?)



  1. I've seen naked people here! (but then.. maybe their clothes were still downloading)