Monday, February 2, 2009

A Valentine's Goodie! 2-14

Special Concert Staring zDiva Sorbet! At the newly opened Lighthouse Restaurant 8-10pm on February 14th.. Later.. at 10pm.. DJ Syriana Paine takes over the stream! Reservations are required! A limited number of spaces are still available (fewer than 10, so act fast.) Please contact JakeC Hotshot to reserve your space today! $500L

[3:15] Baz Ceawlin: hey there JC, wnated to send you a correction regarding Valentine's at Jake's. The event is not at the Lighthouse restaurant, it is at Jakes and will be catredd by the Lghthouse restaurant. the event is from 8 -10 during which time the club will be locked down with access only to ticket holders. The club will be reopned to the public at 10 when Syri takes over the stream. The tickets are L$500 per person, but seating is at tables for 2... so L$1000 per couple. Thanks

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