Thursday, March 12, 2009

Never thought I'd be putting a post like this here..

As those of you who read this blog know, this is where I write about events going on at Jake's. All the great theme parties. And when things work, pictures.

Well, It seems there's gonna be a party at least nominally "for me" Friday (see poster) at Jake's and also at Tiger Isle.. But I'm going to think of it as a party for everyone.

With DJ Rickie Zabaleta (DJ ReZ) will be providing the music. And I have been told Rickie is donating HIS donations to my Bday/Rezzday Party fund. (So, tip the Dj well :))

And even though I'm not really into being the center of attention.. I do appreciate all the great people that are trying to make Second Life a better place. I will be there to have fun, and as always, I want YOU TO HAVE FUN TOO! There are people that will stop at nothing to tear people apart, Let's show Second Life how to bring people together! JC

This is also just a kick off to great stuff going on this weekend at Jake's as the Official Grand Opening begins! Keep reading... Changes are afoot.

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