Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Weeks Events at Jake's - (8/5 - 8/8)


Wednesday 8/5– 7pm SLT
Presenting: JazzMan Correia

On stage since the age of 8, music has been the one consistent thing in JazzMan's life. And then at the age of 11 his singing was joined by what would become his favorite instrument - the trumpet. From that point on music would weave its way through every part of Jazz's life. JM has won numerous awards from the age of 12, both on a local and national level and is rumored to be one of the most accomplished unsigned artists. With his roots deep in Gospel, JM's style can be defined as a fusion of jazz and R&B. His original songs have touched thousands of lives both on the Gospel and secular side. Jazz is also a fan of quality cover tunes which he does at many shows. With one of the smoothest voices and melodic trumpet lines you are sure to be entertained, uplifted, and touched by his music.


Thursday 8/6 - 8pm SLT

Time to join your friends over at Jake's to kick off the weekend like only we can.

Let DJ Syriana Paine, Jake and The one and only Jake's Boys make the stress (and clothes) melt away. Good music, great people, good fun, what more can you ask for? Hope to see you soon.

$500 prize for hottest undies.


Friday 8/7 - 11:45 pm SLT
"Robinhood Men In Tights"

Find out where Robin Hood put his Little John, and what did Friar Tuck into his tights that Maid Marion all of a quiver? Come join us for this comic spoof of the classic story of Robinhood.

The Event Begins at 11:45pm (SLT) ** MOVIE STARTS AT MIDNIGHT**
Come grab some free popcorn, pick your seat and check your viewer settings. We will be begin the movie at Midnight and sync start it for the entire audience. If you arrive after midnight, you will still be able to see the film but will not be in sync with the rest of the audience.

***Jake's Renaissance Fair, with DJ Syriana Paine***

Sunday 8/8 - 9pm SLT
By request of King Jake and his court of sexy jesters, pray thee join us for the best renaissance fair on the grid. Danceth to the hottes music provided by our Lady Syriana Paine. Come, Eat, Drink, and be thee merry at Jake's.

$1,000 linden minimum prize for hottest in Renaissance Fashion.

See you at Jake's...when you're here, you're home.


The Jake's management team strives to bring you the best retail, club, and over all experience in second life.

While the Jake's club resort caters to the GLBT community, everybody is welcome. We were built on a foundation of respect, inclusiveness, and fun, and we breathe these core values in to all we do.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact JakeC Hotshot or Baz Ceawlin.

Thank you and welcome to Jake's,
When you're here, you're home.

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