Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Weeks Events at Jake's - (11/3- 11/7)


Join us for the hottest music from decades past. DJ Syriana Paine will be doing an 80's new wave set. Come out in costume for the chance to win $500 linden and the opportunity to pick the era we celebrate next week.


Time to join your friends over at Jake's to kick off the weekend like only we can.

Let DJ Syriana Paine, Jake and The one and only Jake's Boys make the stress (and clothes) melt away. Good music, great people, good fun, what more can you ask for? Hope to see you soon.

$500 prize for hottest undies.

FRIDAY 11/6 – Jake's R&R Pool Party, with Rocky and Ritch - 5pm SLT

The Boys Got a Promotion!!!!!!!!

You have enjoyed Rocky and Ritch's weekly R&R Party soo much we've decided to give them an upgrade to permanent status.

Join the boys, Rocky from 5 to 6:30 pm slt and Ritch from 6:30 to 8 pm slt.

The boys will be warming up your winter at the Pool at Jake's put on your hottest swim suit and come feel the heat as we rock (or ritch) you like nobody can.

Saturday, 11/7 9pm SLT
Jake's International Male Party, with DJ Syriana Paine

French, German, Italian, African, Arab, Japanese, Canadian, and much more. Come feast your eyes on the international man candy that will be on display at Jake's

DJ Syriana Paine, The always sexy Jake's boys, and the Jake will be on hand for your entertainment.

$1,000 linden minimum prize for hottest international attire.

See you at Jake's...when you're here, you're home.

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