Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Weeks Events at Jake's - (4/27- 5/1)


Join us for the hottest music from decades past. This Week DJ Syriana Paine will be playing your favorite angry break up songs . We'll have trivia with $500L in prizes. The person who answers the most questions correctly will be able to pick next week's timewarp theme. Come as you are tonight and lets have some fun!!!

Be sure to use one of the disco ball teleporters up to DJ Syri's Timewarp Stage

- Jake's STRIPDOWN - 8pm SLT

Time to join your friends over at Jake's to kick off the weekend like only we can.
Let DJ Syriana Paine, Jake and The one and only Jake's Boys make the stress (and clothes) melt away. Good music, great people, good fun, what more can you ask for? Hope to see you soon.

$500L prize for hottest undies.

Friday 4/30 -
Jake's R&R Pool Party with Rocky and Ritch - 6-9pm SLT

It is Friday, Come on down to Jake's as Ritch and Rocky heat things up at the Pool. Join us for a little R&R.
Rocky will be on deck from 6-7:30, and Ritch will take over from 7:30-9.

Saturday 5/1

Jake's Fireman's Ball

It's going to be hot hot hot at Jake's Fireman's Ball. Sexy firemen what more can you ask for. Come on down and we'll hose you off, you'll need it at this hot as fire party.
Syri will be DJing, the boys will be here to entertain, what more could you ask for.

A minimum of $1,000L will be on the board for sexiest fireman or woman.

See you at Jake's...when you're here, you're home.

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  1. I miss so many partys. I need an identical alt of myself so I can attend all the partys I want to go to at the same time!